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Knockout Handsome

Lead singer, Jimmie Romero was born and raised in Venice California and began writing for the Knockout Handsome project in February 2011 after he hung up his gloves from the Mixed Martial Arts world. "The name Knockout Handsome came from a fighter I used to train. I grew my hair out and out of sarcasm he would say how Knockout Handsome I was with hair as a joke. We thought it was funny so, there you go." ~Jimmie Romero
As pre production of an EP began, Jimmie's friends from a local Hollywood band were having problems and decided not to continue as a band. Jimmie acquired Zak St. John on drums and Bassist, Harry Ostream for the back bone of the music. The positive response from supporters of the project drove Jimmie to produce a full LP. In that time he recruited Guitarist Zak Bowman and Omar Gusmao to add more color to the record. The foundation of the music is driven by guitar riffs, melodic vocals, supported by a solid rhythm section. Influences like Kiss, AC/DC, early Aerosmith, and a bit of Led Zeppelin would best sum up this band. Track 1, "Sweet Remedy" makes you want to find an open highway and step on the gas. Where track 6, "California Bound" takes you on a hypnotic journey. The two guitarist work brilliantly together as one unit, one always complementing the other. Zak Bowman, Omar Gusmao were also friends of Jimmie's and shared the same ideas about music and the music scene in LA. "It feels like, a night of going to a show with some friends and having a good time has been absent from most rock shows... And that's what this bands all about. It's five friends having a good time and we wanna throw the biggest party for the people that come to see us." ~Jimmie Romero [+]