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Knowing Forever

Knowing Forever was founded in the spring of 2012, by vocalist Andrew Marcum and guitarist’s Noé Rodriguez and Rudy Gutiérrez. After working together for a short time, each member was excited to discover that their chemistry produced a sound that was raw and real. After a few member changes they were able to add bass player John Cedeño and drummer Tyler Johnson, the band found the solid foundation it had been looking for and Knowing Forever was born.

Setting a band apart from the many is a tough task. Knowing Forever has done just that. Moving through the musical generations of grunge, alternative rock and new metal, Knowing Forever has created an innovative self-genre for themselves. Without the need to fit into a preset genre Knowing Forever is free to create a sound that is familiar yet dynamic for new rock movement.

Influences range drastically from Creedence Clearwater Revival to Korn, and Linkin Park to Pearl Jam. In the ranges between, Knowing Forever has found a sound that calls to every listener and reminds us of the love we have for the iconic legends.

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