KR3W is an apparel company based in Fountain Valley, California, United States (US), that specializes in skateboarding-related products. The brand was cofounded by Angel Cabada in 2002.[2] KR3W is distributed by One Distribution, a company that runs offices in Southern California, US, Biarritz, France, and Sydney, Australia, and also distributes the Supra shoe brand.[3]


Cabada was previously a partner in TSA Clothing, another skateboard apparel company, but left shortly before its demise.

  • Pat Burke
  • Oscar Candon
  • Chewy Cannon
  • Erik Ellington
  • Spencer Hamilton
  • Windsor James
  • Boo Johnson
  • Lizard King
  • Tom Penny
  • Chris Gregson
  • Tom Knox
  • Taylor Kirby
  • Ryan Reyes
  • AJ Zavala
  • Pat Rumney[4]

Key people

  • Angel Cabada (founder)
  • Shad Lambert (Marketing Manager at Supra Footwear & KR3W Denim)[5]