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Kristeen Nicole Gillooly

Kristeen Nicole Gillooly was born and raised in Philadelphia, which is where her soulful sound was grown from. Kristeen has been singing for as long as she can remember and she started writing her own songs at the age of eight. Influenced by the likes of Boyz II Men, Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Mariah Carey; she has always had a fondness for Pop, R & B, and ballads.

Kristeen would go along wit...h a family friend to a church where she began her love for Christian music. She felt out of place, but the sounds that she was hearing caught her attention. Her love for this newfound music influenced her to volunteer in the church on the base after she joined the U.S. Navy. Kristeen would use the time out to sea to write lyrics and use her talents to sing music for her fellow sailors during special occasions.

Kristeen came to know Christ on a personal level in 2013 and found new direction for her music. It didn't take long for her to start writing Christian music. She will never forget her music roots and still loves her Top 40, but her focus has been transformed within Christian music. This newly found enjoyment has renewed her confidence in all aspects of life so that she can handle anything thrown at her with God on her side. When Kristeen performs Christian music, she can feel the power of the Spirit which allows her to relax and reach new plateaus. [+]