Labeda G-80 XK4 Doubler Power Plus Speed Roller Skates

Labeda's G-80 XK4 Doubler Power Plus Speed Skates feature the luxurious comfort of the Labeda G-80 boots. Made from a deluxe premium leather, the G-80's come with a custom lace overlay with comfortable interior padding with a soft sham lining that contours to the form of your feet. Sitting atop a Sure-Grip XKA Doubler plate, a highly polished spring steel plate with 15 degree double action trucks with an adjustable toe stop, the Labeda G-80 XK4 is capable of handling anything you throw at it. Sure-Grip Power Plus wheels combined with QUBE Juice bearings offer maximum grip, roll and superior speed with a precision machined aircraft aluminum ACS cutouts in the wheels that reduce weight and are the lightest speed wheels available on the market. When you need to go faster than ever, get the Labeda G-80 XK4 Doubler Power Plus Speed Skate! [+]