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Laini & The Wildfire

Laini and the Wildfire is a piano fronted indie-pop band with a bluesy feel. Higher, the first single off their debut EP is set to be released in December 2015, with the five-song self-titled EP to follow in February 2016. All the songs on the EP share a modern-retro atmosphere, marked with smart lyrics, catchy pop choruses, and blues-driven melodies. There is a sonic push and pull between easy and edgy, and a lyrical melding of complexity and accessibility. The record was created during a creative awakening for Laini, and themes of self-reflection in love, identity, and time wasted are evident throughout the EP. In essence, the Laini and the Wildfire EP is a perfect metaphor for the refinished gold glitter piano that Laini plays live: a classic foundation, revamped into a fresh sound that’s sparkly enough to grab anyone’s attention [+]