Lana McMullen

Inspired by the unlikely combination of country and opera at a young age, Lana McMullen began making music while in the midst of navigating elementary school growing pains. Although she has taken several detours in her career - studying opera exclusively for six years - Lana’s style has ultimately morphed into the narrative, nostalgia-inducing, Americana/Alt-country powerhouse it is today.

Since moving to Seattle in 2012 with the intention of beginning her music career, Lana has played at venues such as The Fremont Abbey, The Comet, The Island Music Guild and most recently the Triple Door; and has performed with artists such as Olivia De La Cruz, Vikesh Kapoor, Jenn Grinels, Jacob Miller and Shelby Earl. She is now beginning the process of recording her debut album, which she hopes to release in 2014.