Land-Grant Brewing Company

Established in 2014. Land-Grant was born from a passion for painstakingly-crafted beer, powerful design, and a midwestern sports devotion. We all come from different backgrounds - Adam, business & brewing; Walt, design & photography; Q, pharmacist and homebrewing; Jamie, production brewing; Gus, basset hound--but we're brought together through our dedication and commitment to the craft of producing championship quality craft beer. Alumni of Ohio State, Adam and Walt always dreamed of returning to Columbus to build something of their own. Before coming home to Ohio, the seed of what would become a 2,500BBL capacity brewing facility was planted in a tiny carriage-house apartment on the west-side of Chicago. To test the viability of what was then called Oval Brewing, we launched and successfully completed a Kickstarter Campaign in 2012, allowing us to tackle this thing right. A long 899 days later, with a brief stopover in Grandview, Land-Grant brewed it's first batch 10/16/2014 & opened our doors 10/18/201 [+]