Lange XT 120 Ski Boots

The XT 120 from Lange is a strong boot for aggressive skiers who want a boot that can rule the inbounds and out. The XT shell best fits skiers who have a medium to narrow forefoot with a narrow shaft of the leg. The 120 flex has all of the stability anyone could ask for, with the ability to hike or skin, while still being able to charge on the way down. Lange's Control Fit Liner has a seamless toe box, instep pocket and the ability to add laces for a dialed in fit. The XT 120 has Ultra Grip Soles and Arches that will give you grip on rocks or windblown summits. The Power V-Lock Hike/Ski switch located on the rear spine of the boot is easy to change modes, even when your hands are in gloves. In Hike mode you have a wide range of mobility for easy ups. In Ski mode you get a strong flex to charge in. If you are looking for a tough boot that will allow you to hike up and charge down the Lange XT 120 is a perfect option for you. [+]