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Laura Noel

Laura Noel is an indie singer-songwriter from a small town near Seattle. She wandered down the coast to California in 2002, and has since called it her home. She currently works out of Vallejo, where she balances her love of music with life as a full time visual artist.

Music has always been a part of her life, and she's been strumming and writing her own songs on guitar since she was 14. She independently released her first album, “Less the Relevance” in 2008, appeared on three albums as the bass player for the hip-hop folk band “Beltaine's Fire,” and then spent a year as part of a three part woman’s trio called “Dinner for the Lions.” She has now come full circle back to being a solo musician, and is currently in the process of completing her second solo effort, “Loose Ends.” When she's not making music she paints crazy colorful landscapes and trees in acrylic paint and waxes poetic about the Vallejo arts Renaissance.

You can hear her music at, or and follow her artistic endeavors at [+]