Lawrence R. Ricciardi

Larry Ricciardi retired as senior vice president and advisor to the chairman of International Business Machines Corporation in 2002. Prior to serving in that role, he was senior vice president and general counsel of IBM, responsible for all of the company's legal affairs. In addition, Larry oversaw IBM's worldwide government programs, public policy issues such as privacy and other consumer-oriented matters, the intellectual property and licensing function, and the security organizations. From June 1997 through May 1998, he also served as chief financial officer responsible for all financial, treasury, business development, real estate activities, and the IBM Credit Corporation.

Before joining IBM in 1995, Larry was president of RJR Nabisco Holdings Corporation. He joined RJR Nabisco in 1989 as executive vice president and general counsel. After serving briefly as co-chairman and chief executive officer, he was named president in May 1993. [1]