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Learner'S Edge

Today, kids encounter all kinds of things that can hinder their ability to become the best they can be. Toxins, pollution, unhealthy foods and more could be affecting your child every day. Now, with the Learner'sEdge™ System, there's a way to fight back. The Learner'sEdge System gives kids the edge they need in today's complex and often unhealthy environment, with support for natural detoxification, digestion, cognition, immune function and growth. Toxins, pollution, unhealthy foods, and more may be affecting your child's natural development. Now, with the Learner'sEdge System, there's a way to fight back. This natural support system is the result of years of experience, and was developed by leading children's medical experts at the International Child Development Resource Center (ICDRC) and specialists in naturopathic therapeutics at Integrative Therapeutics, Inc.† And when it comes to children's health we don't kid around. The Learner'sEdge System is the subject of a large multicenter medical research project bringing together the investigative efforts of the ICDRC, Arizona State University and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. The Learner'sEdge System...it's just what every young body needs, and what every parent should know about. [+]