Lefties is a three-part 2006 BBC documentary series investigating some aspects of the extreme Left of British politics in the 1970s.[2] Lefties was produced and directed by Vanessa Engle. Lefties was produced as a companion series to Tory! Tory! Tory! an overview of the New Right and Thatcherism. Hadlow believed that so called 'serious television' was vital in driving ideas, and her commissions were a critical and ratings success.[3]


The series consisted of three episodes.

Episode NameFirst BroadcastDescription
Property is Theft8 February 2006The non-conformist squatters living in South London in the 1970s.
Angry Wimmin15 February 2006The story of a form of radical feminism in the 1970s.
A Lot of Balls22 February 2006The formation of the News on Sunday, a left-wing tabloid newspaper formed in 1987.