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Legionary from Londinium and Other Mini Mysteries (book)


Caroline says, "Originally I planned to write eighteen Roman Mysteries, but because my books take place around real historical events, I was running out of time. Book sixteen finds the four friends in Ephesus in August AD 81, for events crucial to the arc of the series. The final mystery was always going to be about the mysterious death of Titus in the Sabine Hills on the Ides of September in AD 81. However, there was no way I could get my four young detectives from Ephesus (modern Turkey) to Britannia (Great Britain) and then back to Sabina (in Italy) in a month. So the final Roman Mystery, The Man from Pomegranate Street, became number seventeen." Between writing her bestselling novels, Caroline Lawrence has penned several short stories. Each of these stories is as compelling and exciting as the novels, full of the sights and sounds of ancient Rome. [1]