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Leki Carbon 14 S Ski Poles 2016

If you don't think a ski pole can improve your skiing performance you have never skied with the Leki Carbon 14 S. The Carbon 14 S has a 100% Carbon Shaft that is incredibly lightweight and strong with perfect balance. The Slalom Grip uses the Trigger S System to give you an ergonomic fit into your hand with a wrist strap that can be release with the push of a button. The baskets Screw on easily to keep them on, and will not come off unless you unscrew it. Leki uses a Diamond Tip that is powerful enough to punch through just about anything. If you want to increase the performance of your skiing and want lightweight and efficient pole plants with every turn, find out why so many skiers have made the investment in the Leki Carbon 14 S and have never looked back, unless it was to see how far their posse is behind them. [+]