Lib Tech Burtners Box Scratcher Snowboard

The Lib-Tech Burtners Box Scratcher Snowboard is Jesse Burtner's own creation and made for you to have fun doing anything, anywhere. This all-mountain freestyle board is a favorite of many and was designed to ride it all including the rails in your favorite park. With its BTX profile, you get a rocker in between your feet and a flat to mild camber on the outside. This equals incredible float and jibbing, easy turning and great edge hold. Imagine the possibilities with just that. The Magne-Traction will have you carving into everything including the ice and a co-sintered base ensures you have lots of speed on this rough and ready board. With its Tri-Ax, Bi-Ax combo, you'll be able to get tons of pop and a hardy amount of flex. If you want to destroy it all then you should have at it, just make sure you bring along the Lib-Tech Burtners Box Scratcher Snowboard so you have the proper weapon in your arsenal. [+]