Liberty Skis Variant 97 Skis 2016

The Liberty Variant 97 is designed to bring you versatility in a single ski that would be the perfect selection to ride regardless of what the snow conditions are. The 97mm waist can crush it in crud, float in the deep pow, and feel surprisingly edgy on days when you just want to blast down the groomers. The Metalcore has a combination of titanal, bamboo, and poplar wood. Bamboo is incredibly lightweight, and snappy, while the titanal adds dampness, and the poplar adds to the strength of the ski. The Variant 97 is made with Liberty's Hammer Rocker that uses a small amount of early rise in the tip for smooth turn initiation, better floatation, and vibration absorption when things get cruddy. The Multi-Radius Tip of the Variant 97 allows you to manipulate the turn shape of the ski very easily, because some days you feel like letting them run, and some days you want to bang tight little S's all the way down the mountain. Just in case you feel like heading into the backcountry Liberty has added a BC Tail that will give you that extra little push of power as you exit a turn, and attach a climbing ski to it very easily. If you are looking for a highly versatile ski that will rule the groomers and the ungroomed terrain, the Liberty Variant 97 will be a perfect selection. [+]