Line Chronic Skis 2016

Sit back, relax and enjoy the Line Chronic. This mind altering ski is perfect for the progressive skier looking to unwind and be creative on the slopes. Line builds the Chronic to be the ultimate in spinning up some hot laps in the park and making new friends on the chairlift. The Early Rise Tip Rocker and Thin Tip make this ski highly maneuverable when you take a big hit off of a jump, and easy to carve when you feel like ripping up some groomers. The Chronic has a Fatty Base and Edge that improve the durability of the ski by making both the base and edges 30% stronger than they would be on a traditional ski since you will be sliding on boxes, rails, and anything but snow. A Symmetrical Flex, nearly symmetrical shape, and -40mm stance will keep you guessing if you are skiing switch or not. Line's Maple MacroBlock Wood Core has two full length Maple Stringers that are surrounded by Aspen that allow the Chronic to be incredibly strong and durable, but will allow you to butter and play in the park. The 92mm waist is a perfect landing platform for when you go huge. If you are ready to experience the mountain in an entire new light, the Line Chronic will do the trick. Colorado Approved. [+]