Lion And Lioness Productionz

Milton Blake is a roots reggae singer with a smooth voice and original lyrics already capturing the hearts of millions of fands across the globe. Born to Malachi and Dorothy Blake in the parish of St. Catherine Jamaica.His friends and family affectionally calls him :Little C" for his break dancing, but he quickly moved on to music and concentrating on singing. Encourage by his friends and relatives, Milton started voicing out for community base sound system named Stereo Tone Hi Fi. It was there he started growing musically. Working alongside artists Admiral Tibets, Lt. Stitchie Papa San and Luciano.He started recording for Dwight Pinkney of Roots Radics Band and recorded a song called "HE LIVES",Henfield Records titled "Thank You" and "Mr. Government" and Bobby Digital Brick Wall Records to name a few. Milton was once sparing with the Jahmessenjah Family, Luciano and Mikey General and has since perfected his musical skills. Having performed on showa across Jamaica, barbados and the United States. Much of Milton's lyrics focus on spiritual upliftment, sufferation, black consciousness and giving praises to the most high Jah. Milton has recently release his debut album title "PEOPLE NEED JAH" na dit is moving up with agressive speed. Milton is now working with is own Lion And Lioness Productionz label. Milton always says, rise above the negative and keep focus on the positive to attain your goal. [+]