Liquid Force B.O.B. Wakeboard

When you have one of the best riders endorses your wakeboard then you know you have something good. Well, Bob Soven lends his support to the Liquid Force B.O.B. Wakeboard which has helped bring his riding to new heights. So, what's in this wakeboard that makes it so great? It boasts a Next-Gen LF Pro Model Construction that has a thinner CNC Milled Woodcore profile and lively flex pattern to help you soar as wakeboarder. Built with a Progressive FIVE Stage Rocker, you'll be able to get an extra kick off the wake without slowing down so you can nail the best trick in your playbook. The LF Internal Liquid Rail increases the durability and rail strength so you can play hard in the park without worrying about the integrity of the board. The Single to Double Venturi Concave Hull Shape is designed to give you that boost off the wake while also providing extra edge control. If you're looking for the ultimate wake riding machine then you need to look no further than the Liquid Force B.O.B. Wakeboard. [+]