Liquid Force Fusion Wakeboard

If you're an intermediate rider looking to upgrade your board then the Liquid Force Fusion Wakeboard has all the necessary features for you. It boasts a 3 Stage Hybrid Rocker which is very predictable but keeps in the option for you to make those big boosts. With its D-I-S-C Hull through the center, this Double Inside Single Concave ensures softer landings while keep the board speed maintained. The Full Body Double Concave Tail creates more drive and pop and the Variable Edge gives you that forgiving feel, edge control and response. Finally, the Molded-In Long Based Slider Side Fins makes hard edging much easier without hindering park performance. It's durable enough to handle just about anything. Ride the wake on the Liquid Force Fusion Wakeboard and you'll soon find yourself going from intermediate to advanced in no time. [+]