If you're an entry to mid-level rider who wants supportive and customizable binding then you should check out the Liquid Force Next Boot Wakeboard Bindings. Designed with an IPX Chassis you'll be able to flex naturally in almost any condition. The next has a flex rating of 5 which makes it stiff and flexible. This also includes the EVA Impact Dampener Foam to help absorb the shock of hard landings. The EVA Footbed makes your feet feel super comfy with its ergonomic contours to mold to your feet. The close toe with laces and Velcro close this boot so you can customize the fit and get the right feel for your comfort. A Cuff Stretch Zone allows you to flex without restrictions. If you're looking to progress confidently and learn new skills along the way, use the help of the Liquid Force Next Boot Wakeboard Bindings and soon you'll be riding like the pros. [+]