Liquid Force Raph/B.O.B. LTD Wakeboard

The Liquid Force Raph/B.O.B. LTD Wakeboard was a design created because Bob Soven wanted a board that was exclusive to the park so he sought Raph's latest board. This LTD board meshes the two together giving you an excellent ride when you're rocking out in the cable park. The Hybrid Technology and Wood/PU Core ensure you have a precise and lively flex, response and tons of strength so you can combat the rails and obstacles you come across. Built with a Single Concave Hull with Edge Channels, you'll find your landings a little softer without losing any speed. This also ensures you have lots of control and hold. Its Concaved Bevel Rail means that you'll be catch-free on the rails but still have all the hold you need on the water. Perform like the best on what the one of the best wakeboarding athletes prefers when in the park with this Liquid Force Raph/B.O.B. LTD Wakeboard. [+]