Lisa Denise

Lisa Denise. The name is synonymous with greatness. A singer first and foremost, she has honed her craft as a songwriter and producer in a male dominated industry. Her sound is a beautiful marriage between aggressive R&B and Pop genres, laced with electronic sounds and underlying Funk and Soul.

Lisa was raised in a music-loving family in a small town outside of Rochester, NY, where she was introduced to a variety of genres of music, including Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Pop, Dance, and Classic Rock. Her early influences include Michael and Janet Jackson, Madonna, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, Phil Collins, Journey, and The Eagles. Lisa began writing at an early age. "I was a very introverted kid. I'm still shy at times. My way to express myself has always been by writing out my feelings rather than speaking them".
Lisa Denise gained a music business degree from Berklee College of Music, where she was introduced to the world of production. After failed attempts at completing albums with various producers, she took a chance and produced her debut album "It Is Written". It shines as a first work, with powerful and heavy bass lines and drum patterns, along with intricate harmonies and unique melodies. It screams her influences; a hint of retro pop and urban ideas laced with sounds of today. "This first project was an experiment. I wanted to see if I could actually produce my own records. And I wanted to see if they'd actually turn out well! I'm glad I took the chance because it's absolutely an expression of who I am. At times powerful, at times vulnerable. At times playful and at times resentful. I think it's a good start".

And a great start it was. The response was enough to encourage another self-produced album. Lisa is currently in the studio creating a new brew for her fans, looking to experiment more and push to her next level as a producer and writer. [+]
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