Little Bird

The 18 year olds from Lothian Md, are developing a sound so sexual and unique, it makes Ron Jeremy's mojo look feminine.

"The Folktale of Little Bird"

The name has no direct correlation with the size of their Little Birds, which points them to their rather large penetration into the Annapolis music scene and has proved them to be thinking big. It started off with just Jay Hurtt, a 17 year old in his basement playing southern back porch trombone. Then summer 2012 he picked up guitar and harmonica and began working on a project as a singer/songwriter by the name of Little Bird. The name came from a blend of his child hood nickname and the Bob Marley song "Three Little Birds". He then released an independently recorded and produced acoustic EP entitled "Flipping the Bird" in early September 2012. "Miss Tangerine" was the major standout track of the handfull of songs and it went on to ride to his FM radio debut as the 97.5HFS Locals Only Spotlight Artist after only a month past its release. It wasn't until an autumn afternoon in early November 2012 when he found Lephont Crackawhip, a washed up RnB singer living homeless in the ghettos of Annapolis. Jay took him in to clean him up. Lephont then changed his name to James Rubush and picked up guitar, and piano. The two then went on to wreak havoc in the streets of Annapolis playing blues-rock n' roll-acoustical-funk. Early January 2013, after a show in West Annapolis they stumbled upon a retired horse jockey named Critackey Alnomd. He told the tale of how he was once on his way to ride in the Kentucky Derby and favored to win 300/1, but a rec-league handball accident led him to spark an abnormally late puberal jump in his life and he got too tall to compete in the world of horse racing. James and Jay were mesmerized immediately and wanted to know more about him; turns out the accident also caused permanent amnesia and strangely enough, the only thing he could remember was how to play the drums, yet he had never actually had a lesson. Critackey added immediate chemistry and positive energy to the band and he later changed his name to Chris Elvidge. The three had it all...except for a bassist. The three met Mike Ware at a McDonalds in Crofton, Maryland. The four immediately hit it off. So what is next for Little Bird? The band hopes to record their first project together in mid-late spring 2013 perhaps entitled, "Good Taste.". The goal of their sound is to cut out all the bullsh*t and give some straight good tasting music; that music can still have a human beat and a hand-made rhythm rather than a quantized drum kick. They want to remind people from amidst all the mumbo-jumbo electronic music that it can still be fresh and different while also being organic and pure. [+]
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