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Management for female artist LivFree.

"LivFree is a female hiphop artist coming from Hammond, Indiana with a new music sound. With combinations of pop songs, and in-you-face rebelling hip-hop, LivFree is your perfect key to please any crowd. While ranging for acts she's opened for, including; Tech N9ne, Machine Gun Kelly, Hopsin, Yo Gotti, and numerous others, she has yet to let a crowd down. She leaves the stage with a loud applause, new and old fans running up to greet her, and an all around great atmosphere. Her music drives to help people follow their dreams despite what other's may say, and to help people believe in themselves. She, and myself, have sold numerous material items to help pay for expensive studio time and traveling expenses; so the seriousness of her music is very high."

We ideally would enjoy traveling to every state while performing and supplying individuals with her music. We are looking to book a tour, while documenting every show and experience on camera for her fans to view! [+]