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Long Eye Is a 21 year old artist from the rap group SoulXFood out of San francisco. At age 16, Long was working at a youth center as a intern engineering different artist music in the studio before deciding to compose lyrics himself. Downloading instrumentals from the internet and writing to them was how Long's first songs where created. Long Eye would share music with his best friend Justo Stiltz after work later on to start making songs together under the name A.M.P. (always making Profit) in 2010, Long Eye was seventeen at the time. A year later the group name was changed to SoulxFood after developing a good friendship with Heshy man (an artist of SoulXfood). Heshy man pointed Long and Justo in the direction of a youth center where they can record their music and that is where they met Artist Joel Tarman From the Rock n roll band Ellul. Joel showed Justo and Long how to run pro tools effectively, how to mix and produce instrumentals and has been very hands on working with Long and Justo up up until the current. Both Long Eye and Justo Stiltz write, produce and mix their songs to this very day. [+]