YouTube creator widely known for her Littlest Pet Shop skits and short films. Her comedic movies have earned her a following of more than 75,000 passionate subscribers. She also runs a number of other YouTube channels, such as her LPSlovermv music video channel, her MilkywayMaggie puppet channel, and her Stellar Rhapsody pony channel. She was inspired to make Littlest Pet Shop videos after watching numerous ones on YouTube in 2007. One of her most popular YouTube videos, "Littlest Pet Shop: LPSlover 4,000 Subscribers DELETED SCENES & BLOOPERS", earned more than 2 million views after it was posted in February 2011. Her real name is Kandace but she goes by the nickname Kandy. Both she and LPSSkittles have gained significant popularity for their Littlest Pet Shop skits. [+]