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Joseph L Callaway – vocals / guitar / electronics

Niko Nikolaidis – guitar / electronics / vocals

Charlie Thomas – bass / electronics / vocals

Patrick Noonan – drums / electronics

Matthew Dale – Technical Producer

In early 2013, Joseph L Callaway found himself in Brooklyn, NY, bringing a project to life that had previously only existed through a series of demos and a vague visual concept. Channeling influences from alternative / electronic / industrial / punk / rock, among others, Lustinger produces a sound that carries a “devil may care” attitude wrapped in a thick tone of grit. Ripe with moody riffs and deeply dark and distorted textures, the use of both live and electronic instruments adds an appealing organic layer to Lustinger’s synth sequences, effects, and otherwise digital instrumentation.

As a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and performer, Callaway engineered Lustinger’s identity one take at a time, from the enticing lyrics to the sexy, shadowy vibe of the completed demos.

He and Lustinger's Technical Producer and long time friend, Mathew Dale, began building what would become a multi-media live production. Soon, the recruitment of band members commenced, bringing on board: Patrick Noonan (drums / electronics), Charlie Thomas (bass / electronics/ vocals), Niko Nikolaidis (guitar / electronics / vocals).

“These guys seemed to really understand what I wanted musically and aesthetically,” said Callaway of the process of narrowing down the candidates.

“With their formal background, they're able to execute the parts in the demos as written. They understand my intent and honor the initial vision, but offer much more than playing charts.”

“But, new approaches have come to light,” says Callaway of the collaborative live rehearsal process. “Many things are being redone in the studio.”

Lustinger makes post industrial, electronic, punk-rock, and experimental sounds that are accessible, yet memorably unique and original.