Born in Chicago’s North side in the wintry month of December, Elwin Coleman, better known by his rap name - “L-Win”, is a talented lyricist representing Chipper Boy Music. Constant relocation throughout Chicago’s South side left Elwin with memories of hood living. His intellectual aptitude allowed him to transform his feelings into metaphorical lyrics; which allowed him to escape the rough streets of Chicago and venture into a college education at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He received a Bachelors degree in Philosophy while mastering his flow. Philosophy expanded his theory of knowledge and understanding God and higher beings. His college career shaped his view of the world and his perception of actuality and reality.

For years “L-Win” has written and recorded music. Rap, especially captured his heart. His greatest influences come from Rakim and Nas. “L-Win” admires their ability to speak fluently while maintaining their roots. Music became an escape, a way to express self. He now uses it as a tool to reach youth from similar backgrounds, encouraging them to look outside of their circumstance to find a better way. “L-Win” also uses his music to paint a picture for the world that does not understand the life of inner cities, hoping to bridge a gap between class and race. [+]