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My name is Ma'ayan Lieberman. I have been writing since about age 6, and was given my first guitar at age 11. I would always be found carrying a piece of paper or tape-recorder so as not to forget lyrics or melodies. Nothing has changed in that regard.

I have continued to write despite many life constraints and responsibilities. It is my greatest passion. I have a large volume of work. I have written over 300 songs (both music and lyrics). I started writing in the Folk genre but have expanded to Jazz/Blues pieces as well.

I would have to say that if you could measure success by happiness, I should probably quit my day job (haha). What I have enjoyed most is being able to sing and work towards having my songs heard.

Some of the highlights have been being asked to do an artist showcase at the Bitter End in New York, and being invited by the director of Fantasy Studios to audition, which in turn has led me to be able to collaborate with Julie Wolf, an the amazingly talented producer. We have recently been working on recordings together at Fantasy Studios.

I did things the "responsible" way, and have had to put music aside for far too long!

I truly believe that art that goes unheard is a waste. I would very much like to be able to share these songs with others. I have just started to work on demo pieces at this time, and am hoping to make a more polished recording. [+]