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Madame Torment

Reviewed as a band with rebellious attitude towards the mainstream in Northwest Music Scene magazine, Madame Torment is fast becoming Portland, Oregon's all-female "Motley Crue".

The band started in May 2011, when lead guitarist, Erin Elizadeth sparked her idea of forming an all female band to lead vocalist, Elsa Faith. A year prior to this meeting, they were auditioning for an AC/DC tribute band. Fueled by a mutual interest in 80's rock, the two began writing their originals together, and released their first 3-song EP in December 2011.

"Erin & myself have always been the songwriters for MT," says Elsa. "Our sound has developed because the both of us have grown to know one another, keeping in mind each others’ parts while writing."

In 2013, they are joined by drummer, Camille Denny and bassist, Ashley Luna, creating a combination of punk, alternative and hard, heavy rock sound. With this line-up, they have opened up for national touring acts such as Wednesday 13 and Lita Ford, and continuing on to be requested by local venues to pull a great crowd as a supporting act for major headliners.

"Madame Torment is by far the best pure Rock n' Roll act to grace the Pacific Northwest in many years," comments Mike Smith of The Infosub internet radio station.

After a successful debut mini West Coast tour promoting their latest EP, Lost Girl In The City, the band sets their sites to hit more towns in the region next year. Also, gaining trust from businesses, they are currently being endorsed by TRX Cymbals, Skull Sugar Cosmetics, Rude Boy Clothing, and The Wild Hair Camas.

Madame Torment never promised maturity, purity, cleanliness or angelic behavior. Only raw dirty rock n' roll, some wild debauchery, madness, and of course, filthy x-rated misconduct.

Once you step in, there is no turning back. You're tormented for life! [+]