Mammal Dap

Mammal Dap is adventurous, instrumental rock fusion based in Northampton, Massachusetts. The band is comprised of Killian Karlsson (guitar), Zack Cross (keys), Rhees Williams (bass, synth bass), and Colin Jalbert (drums, samples). Together, the four mammals combine elements of rock, EDM, hip-hop, and funk to create a sound that is forward-thinking yet nostalgic, indescribable but strangely familiar. Their energetic live shows have elevated crowds throughout the Northeast, leading them to share the stage with acclaimed bands such as The Nth Power, Tauk, Marco Benevento, Toubab Krewe and many more.

The unassuming crew first came together in fall 2012, while playing the stealth roles of rhythm section sidemen in various projects. Out from the back and into the front, they utilize those years of experience to lock in hypnotic breaks that draw from a deep love of old tones and new tricks. Their first EP, 5lbs High5, captures the group's earliest songwriting sessions in a swirling blend of psychedelic soul and warm electronic textures. The Massachusetts' Valley Advocate describes it as “… a lush, laidback and funky sound that would provide a perfect soundtrack for cruising town in a very large Cadillac.”

The band's first full length release, simply titled Mammal Dap, marks their arrival with matured and refined sound. The 11-track album showcases focused, road-tested material wrapped in wildly imaginative production. Opting to record the album in their own living rooms, bedrooms and basements allowed the group to meticulously craft the record over a full year. The result is a production that blurs the lines between electronic music and spirited group improvisation. [+]