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Man Eating Tiger

Clawing it's way out of St. Louis is a non-traditional five piece rock fury entitled MAN EATING TIGER. Syncopated drum rhythms, groove inspired low end, complex guitar fretting, and vocals that range from whispers to roars blend to provoke head twitching timing twists, and vast, wide, shifting ambiances.

"Mitosis", M.E.T's sophomore EP, was released December 2012, and features an evolved kaleidoscope, and represents the band coming together in a natural, free flowing scenario. Huge dynamics, intelligent ambiances, and breathy harmonies mesh into 6 creative divisions. M.E.T. found it's sound, and let the songs create themselves.

"Change in conversation to machinery" M.E.T.'s debut release, has something for everyone, from Doomsday Device that hints of post hardcore breakdowns, and Hourglass Dream scape with heavy metal harmonies and Arena Rock double bass, to Bleeding Out, a bluesy rock ballad to break neck assault and Failsafe with a check yourself time signature.

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Man Eating Tiger is -->

Drums -- Jason

Bass Guitar -- Badger

Guitar / Vocals -- Ryan

Guitar -- Jason

Vocals / Keyboards -- Robb