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Manic Pixi

Manic Pixi (formerly Sugar Bomb) is the pop-grunge brainchild of lead singer, Kat Hamilton and Drummer, Emmett Ceglia. The two met at Berklee College of Music in 2012 and almost kissed, but decided to start a band instead. The addition of Marshall Biever, came December 2012, when Kat’s vocal coach recommended the spunky guitarist. As soon as Kat saw Marshall’s delicate brown hair flop side to side, she knew he was the one. Although Manic Pixi has rotated through many lineups, current bassist, Drew Bastian has a glow about him that cannot be denied.

Manic Pixi has been described as a wild mix of No Doubt, Paramore, Green Day, and Hole. The band believes that the music is the juxtaposition of opposing ideas. Sweet and Sour, Angry and Happy, Kat and Emmett.

Their anticipated debut album “Sugar Bomb” was released Sep 16, 2014 and is available on iTunes and at