Marker Squire Ski Bindings 2016

The Marker Squire is back again this season in some exciting colors. The Squire has almost the same great design as the heavier bindings have, but in one light weight good looking package. The Triple Pivot Light Toe has a horizontal spring that has a light weight, but durable package that will give you solid energy transfer. Marker's Hollow Linkage Heel is easy for you to step into, and will keep your heel down safely and securely. The Squire also has a stainless steel, height adjustable Gliding AFD that will keep you in when you need to be kept in, and let you out when you need to be out. The Gliding AFD will also give you consistent release values, even with dirty and worn out boot soles. A wide mounting platform has torsional power, and a shorter footprint will enable your skis to flex deeply. If you are looking for a binding that has performance, value, and some flashy colors, the Marker Squire will be a great binding for you. [+]