Martin Mao Ph.D.

Martin Mao's practice focuses on patent prosecution and strategic counseling for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences fields. His practice includes drafting and prosecuting U.S. and foreign patent applications and assisting clients in developing and managing patent portfolios relating to small-molecule pharmaceuticals, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, solid-state pharmaceutics, drug formulation, and other areas of drug discovery and development. He also assists attorneys in patent due diligence work, including patentability, invalidity, infringement, and freedom-to-operate investigations.

Prior to joining Jones Day in 2012, Martin was a senior scientist in chemistry at a pharmaceutical company for five years, where he worked on a variety of organic synthesis projects. He designed, prepared, and identified small molecule drug candidates and gained in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of technologies, including multi-step organic synthesis, industrial scaling up, high-throughput chemistry, parallel chemistry, formulation technology, nanotechnology, drug delivery, process chemistry, material sciences, polymer chemistry, and spectroscopic technologies. [1]