Match of the Day 2010 (book)


The all-new "Match of the Day Annual" for 2010 will be packed full of all the favourites from "MOTD Magazine", with brand new footie facts, funny snaps from the pitch, the season's top players, posters, puzzles and cartoons. And there'll be an exclusive look ahead to the 2010 World Cup. There are more skills to learn and stats for the season, blast-from-the-past pics and stories from when Gary Linekar and his fellow presenters were playing professionally, plus all the gossip on and off the pitch on this year's hottest players, from the best goals and worst tackles to the terrible clothes they wear and the blinging cars they drive. "The Match of the Day Annual 2009" took footie fans by storm and the 2010 edition is all set to follow in its gold-studded bootsteps. [1]