MediaNama is a web based portal for news and analysis of digital media in India owned by MixedBag Media Pvt Ltd. Established in 2008 by Nikhil Pahwa,[3] MediaNama covers news and provides analysis on product launches, mergers & acquisitions of digital companies, venture capital funding, industry research, joint ventures and other business developments related to Internet and Mobile communities, and content including music, gaming and video.[4]


As reported in Tech Crunch, Pahwa, an Indian blogger who was working at contentSutra (now quit in 2008 and moved on to start MediaNama, a rival in the same domain.[2][5] He continues to be the editor of MediaNama.[6] Apart from covering news on commercial enterprises, MediaNama also has a history of reporting on media trends and government policies in India pertaining to censorship and digital expression. The portal reported a story on Times Private Treaties, which was cited in the Press Council of India's report on "paid news".[7] They also made submissions to the Standing Committee on Information Technology in 2013 regarding the issue of paid news.[8]


In 2012, MediaNama organized its first conference, #NAMA around digital media businesses in Gurgaon.[9] The second #NAMA conference was scheduled to be held in Mumbai in June, 2013 but was cancelled due to bad weather.[10]