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Mega Manga (book)

Plot Summary:

This book provides all the techniques you need to create great manga characters, with step-by-step drawings in pencil, ink, and colour. Learn how to draw bodies and faces, eyes and hair, hands and feet, expressions and gestures, across a range of human and fantasy creatures.It includes galleries of finished art to show you the full range of what you can achieve, including scores of hairstyles, facial expressions, hand gestures, and body poses for you to practice, and add variety to your work.It contains pages of clothing, accessories and gadgets, weapons and vehicles for you to draw and colour and incorporate into your manga illustrations and stories, together with ideas for animals, including monsters and cute fantasy creatures, to help you build skill and confidence.Learn the basic techniques of drawing, inking and colouring. Create figures with individual features and clothing. Draw fantastic monsters, threatening mecha, and cute pets. [1]