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Memphis Rain

Classic rock with a poetic twist

Formed in 2010, Memphis Rain is best described as classic rock meets blues, showcasing a wide variety of styles and anchored by a driving beat and kept interesting with lyrics that appeal to everyone.

Originally music formed on a ubiquitous note, the lyrics morphed into their present style and grew to incorporate influences from several genres reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Rush, and AC/DC all mixed with a touch of William Blake and Dante, just to keep it interesting! Throughout the group’s musical pursuits, they have maintained a sound built on melodic instruments, held together by bass player Dave Bulger’s soaring harmonies, highlighted by Brad Chrysler’s lush keyboard patches, sound man Kevin Cowden’s magical touch at the console, Michael Ray's rhythm, and Mike Mulder’s “all so familiar and yet so innovative” song-writing.

Their music, often enveloped by spiritual imagery, focuses on social and personal themes, could aptly be re-titled "everyman" because it has accessibility in both sound and lyrical clarity.

As one fan put it: "Memphis Rain is a very good band. It can go toe to toe with anything out there." The band's first CD is due out in late June.