Merkin is a three-piece band that plays Garage Opera music. Over the last six years they have shared the stage with such bands as: P.i.L, Agent Orange, Floater and Fishbone and have cut their teeth on the road, engaging in numerous west coast tours. Merkin has played and frequented prestigious venues like The Whisky A Go Go, House of blues, and The Viper Room in Hollywood Ca. The Central Saloon in Seattle, Benders in San Francisco, Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix Az and many more. The group has polished an original sound that is a coupling of the uncouth soul of punk rock with the sagacity of a Broadway performance. It is a conceptual battery with lyrics like that of a Tim Rice work. The music itself is always at the mercy of the emotional trajectory of the concept of the song that ebbs and flows with each whim like a symphonic river, therefore making an unpredictable, untamed sound that visits different genres on its journey. Merkins' music does what art should do best, it seems to channel something bigger than humanity while still presenting it in a very human way. Most importantly, at the very least, Merkin is not boring. [+]