MetaMantra is a two-piece experimental singer-songwriter phantasmagoria. We like having fun, being bummed out, and getting weird, all at the same time.

When it was born, the band crawled out from under the asbestos filled insulation, as a plywood floor was built. And there it lived, alone in the attic for nearly a year. During that time, the band learned how to kick it in empty bars. And how to travel. But the band made so much noise that the neighbors chased the poor band from its birthplace. Eventually, it left it's hometown. And moved to Portland. There, the band discovered beards, and donuts, and food carts, and bikes, and terrible mail delivery jobs. The band wrote. The band practiced. The band grew. And now the band is touring.

Check out or for show dates. Or just message us and we can have a conversation about whatever strikes your fancy. [+]