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Slim - F began rapping at house parties. Early along he showed potential that landed him a record deal before high school. He got the attention of an independent label, Eagle Sight Reocords, at the age of 12. You can tell from his attitude that its not about what it is, but rather what its gonna be. His music has the game of the west coast with flavor that connects him to the east coast while maintaining his Oakland sound using beats made by his producers at Eagle Sight Labs. The use of bass also has draws the attention of his down south Atlanta fans. He makes it obvious with his consistent status updates, song-releases, and video blogs that he is very interactive with his fans. When you greet him you can tell that he's confident in his message, through his active use of physical gestures. The wardrobe he dresses from is flashy, urban, and neat. He’s official. He is the reflection of the great musical talents before him. There has been a lot of itching for reality rap and he is the spokesperson blocks all over the world yearn for. He’s undoubtedly the offspring of Hardcore West-Coast Rap. He's the blunt attitude of Too Short and Dangerous Music. He’s Dru Down before you knew his name and reminds you of E 40 with his slang talk. He’s the very definition of Nattress and Knight - a Mack by definition . He is Slim - F.

A devout member of the Strap or Die Clique, Slim - F emerged from one of the most respected sets in The Bay. Situated in the deepest of East Oakland, he’s as poised a Mack as there comes. He has proved that not even a bullet could stop him after an incident that left him without a knuckle on his right hand. “I feel like everything happens for a reason, and since I been given this talent I'ma use it to teach the game.” says Slim - F . “Im not try'na be nobody role model, I just want to make the world aware of the fucked up conditions that exist in the ghetto” [+]