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My name is Michael Myerz, I am a local Hip-Hop artist from Atlanta, Georgia. I have been rapping since the 6th grade and won't stop till I make a trillion songs. My origin for my name is simple, my fathers name is Freddy like Freddy Krueger, my brothers name is Jason, like Jason Voorhees and my name is Michael, like Michael Myerz. To make things weirder I am related to Jamie Lee Curtis who is in the original Halloween and her killer is Michael.
As far as my music is concerned, my music is generalized as Hip-Hop but is heavily influenced by all sorts of other genres. I have been told I sound like one of The Beastie Boys mixed with a little bit of Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Mc Chris and pretty much any white 90's sounding rapper. So yeah, check me out son!!!! [+]