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Middle Child

Middle Child is the solo project of Pittsburgh based musician, Eric Lutz. Using a mixture of indie folk, DIY recording, and complex song structures, he crafts bittersweet songs of self-reflection and change. Lutz mixes overarching metaphors with personal tales of shortcomings and self-acceptance, but does not wallow in self-pity or depression. He remains calm and optimistic. Such is the mood of if his first album, “Seeds”, which was recorded and mixed by Lutz in his home.

What sets Middle Child apart from many other singer/songwriters is the way the music and lyrics act in accordance with each other. The song “Circle the Wagons” is song about a history of bad relationships, which, when put on repeat, seamlessly loops the end of the song back into the beginning. “Speakeasy” is a loud and messy song about a drunken experience at college. “All My Friends They Are Angels,” a song about laziness and complacency, is rhythmically simple and unchanging, while played poorly and aloof.

The songs on “Seeds” range from the eccentric and complex to the simple and heartfelt. But what stays the same throughout the album is the honest way Lutz incorporates himself into the music. Through tales of loss and hope, Middle Child is Lutz’s unfiltered words to the world.