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Mike Bama

The name is Michael Barrett, but all my friends call me Mike Bama. I am a young talented twist to the story. I was born and raised in south Alabama, and have been known to be somewhat of a redneck but I have a major passion for rap, and it's not uncommon to see me in John Deere boots, a belt buckle, dirty jeans, and a flat bill with gauges rocking some T.I.P, Eminem, or Gucci Maine.

It has always been the poetry in hip hop that has drawn me in, being that I am known to be very good with my words. Cunning, sharp, and even harsh at times is how my way with words has been described, but that's not surprising given the fact that I was in sales for a couple years, and had to use my words to get me a lot of things growing up.

I am very dedicated, very lyrical, and have had time to really develop my own personal sound and craft before taking any real steps toward a rap career. But now I'm taking my shot as 1 little skinny redneck white boy from the 334, trying to get a record deal. So show your Country boy pride, and let me hear WAR EAGLE and roll tide! [+]