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Miles Anthony

Miles is a founder of Flux Ventures, LLC and fourth year student at UCLA.[3]  Miles resides in Westwood, California as a three year Pentbaus, the creator of the Baus brand, and an Indule enthusiast.[✔]



Miles cofounded Flux with Alejandro Rioja in the Startup UCLA 2015 summer accelerator. In fall 2015, they founded Flux.LA.[10]  Before that, Miles worked for two years as a Product Designer for Divy, Inc.[2]



For leisure, Miles enjoys surfing the bu, covering his face with chilled eucalyptus towels at Nox, induling with fellow pentbauses, and lounging in a bobe on his penthouse day bed #jdbt. Yet, Miles's weak spot is a deep tissue full body massage and English Coastal Cheddar paired with a 2012 Pinot Noir.[3]


Due to his love for music, Miles cofounded Penthouse Records in 2016 with Dylan Skolnik. Miles's favorite local LA indule destination is Janss Steps.[✔]



Miles is an avid investor in the stock market and Bitcoin using platforms such as RobinhoodDivy, and Coinbase. Miles made his first angel investment in Everipedia.[✔]




Golden Ratio of Baus[✔]

Sävage Sales


Incremental Progress

Compounding Success

Simple Sophistication

Commit to Something

Simple Gratification

Startup Ass Tat[7]



Miles enrolled at UCLA in the fall of 2013 following his graduation from Carlsbad High School. Miles will graduate with above average grades in June 2017.[✔]