Military Box Set 2 - 10 Books Shrinkwrapped (book)


Bomber Command's offensive against the cities of Germany was one of the epic campaigns of the Second World War. Over 56,000 British and Commonwealth aircrew and 600,000 Germans died in the course of the RAF's attempt to win the war by bombing. The struggle began in 1939, with a few score aeroplanes groping blindly in the darkness over Europe and ended six years later with the cream of Britain's wartime technology razing whole cities in a single night. From the Anglo-Zulu War of the 19th century to the end of World War II, the Pan Grand Strategy Series presents authoritative coverage of some of the most important military events of this period. Written by leading historians, this collection presents a unique opportunity to experience the enormity of war and the strength, determination and courage of the human spirit. [1]