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Military Stories Box Set - 10 Books (book)

Plot Summary:

Fans of military history won't believe their luck when they get their hands on this brilliant set of war stories. From The Colditz Story, the original, bestselling account of escape from a German POW camp, to an utterly compelling story of the Dambusters Raid - the most audacious bombing raid of the Second World War - this superb box set boasts some of the best tales of war ever told. Follow the story of the twelve GIs, the dregs of the American Army as they are offered a chance of salvation in the thrilling bestselling novel The Dirty Dozen... Learn how more than 600 men in a German prisoner-of-war camp worked together to achieve an extraordinarily daring break out... Throughout this series you'll follow the heroes of the land, sea and air as they take part in some of the most exciting adventures of the era. [1]